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The Christian Student Center (CSC) is the oldest college ministry on the campus of UTC.  We are located at 609 Houston Street, directly across from Johnson-Obear Dormitory.  The CSC has been providing for and ministering to the students, faculty, and staff of UTC for almost 50 years.  During that time we have shared the gospel with thousands of people in an effort to change lives and serve others as an example of Jesus Christ.  The CSC is under the supervision of Central Church of Christ at 400 Vine Street and this congregation provides about 90% of the financial support for the CSC.  The other portion of funds is donated by individuals and the following local churches located on our supporting congregation page. 


Our Mission

The CSC endeavors to provide an enriching place to grow friendships, meet new people, offer resources and opportunities for students to grow and mature their faith, and most importantly, to model Jesus Christ to everyone we meet in hopes that we might share the joy of our salvation.

Our History

In March of 1969, a board of directors was formed to oversee the Christian Student Center at 627 Vine Street. In 1971, the Board of Directors announced the purchase of 609 Houston Street. After 7 Campus Ministers, Craig Allison became the Campus Minister in July, 2012. In August, the Student Director position is expanded from 4 to 10. Since then, the CSC has continued to grow, having multiple baptisms, and campus wide events. Due to the growth of the CSC, crowding and maintenance issues began to develop. In September of 2016, plans are made to tear out the inside of the CSC and rebuild. A year later, the CSC reopened the brand new facility. 

Central Church of Christ

90 percent of the CSC funding comes from Central Church of Christ. On Sunday, Oct. 3, 1909, the elders of the Cowart Street Church of Christ in south Chattanooga decided to try to plant a church in the downtown area. They rented the Masonic Lodge at 7th and Cherry Street for Sunday and Wednesday services. Twenty-six Christians attended the first service on October 17, 1909, and the Central Church of Christ began and continued with regular meetings there. In 1910 the Central church hired its first full-time minister, G.C. Brewer, who served until 1915. Over its 108 year history, Central has had various full-time and part-time ministers. Its present minister is David Schonhoff, who has served since 1994.

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